Earl Hanson


Site Leader: Margo Davis, (309) 912-1426

Margo has been with Spring Forward for three years. During the school year, she works with Lights on for Learning at Earl Hanson. Margo’s favorite camp memory is from last year, when the kids and counselors were all rolling down a big hill during the Water Day field trip!

Fun Fact: Margo loves disc golf and fishing, and she’s a huge Star Trek fan! She attends Trek Fest in Riverside, Iowa every year!

Favorite Summer Read: Anything by J.D. Robb

LLI Leader: Rebecca Frank

Site Staff


Kelly Koch

Hannah Lester

April Paw

Katie Phillips


Stephanie Avena

Marjie Boeye

Maddison Morrison

Rose Williams

Summer Field Trip Schedule

Click the images below for more information on each destination!

*Please note, on the day that we go to Maquoketa Caves we will not return to camp until 3:15pm